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Pruning & Maintenance

Professional tree pruning & shaping in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and surrounding areas.

Set your tree up for success by getting it pruned by an ISA Certified Arborist.  A properly pruned tree promotes proper growth and structure, ensuring that it doesn’t pose hazardous risks later on down the road. 

Why should you prune your tree?

  • Establish the proper ground clearance for the tree
  • Promote a healthy structure early on to prevent failures in the future
  • Remove hazardous and unsightly deadwood
  • Shape the tree so that it doesn’t encroach too close to buildings
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Tree Pruning Services

Crown Cleaning: this involves removing deadwood and any limbs or branches that may pose a hazard.

Crown Thinning: if your tree hasn’t been pruned before and is of a mature age, thinning may be required.  This involves primarily removing overcrowding branches, allowing more space and air flow within the canopy.  This will also make the tree easier to prune in the future, saving you money!

Crown Elevation: this involves removing low hanging branches that may be encroaching on pedestrians or vehicles.  Crown elevation can also be done to improve aesthetics and open up views (also known as Vista Pruning).

Crown Reduction: reducing the height of the tree.  This can be a particularly tricky task because it involves removing the upper foliage of a tree which is most important to sustaining the health and growth of a tree.  As an ISA Certified Arborist, I will have the knowledge to do this properly to ensure the future health of your tree and accomplish your tree care goals at the same time.

Structural Pruning: most people think that because a tree is young, you can get away with not having it pruned until later.  Pruning young trees, known as structural pruning, is in fact the most important aspect to ensuring the future health of your tree.  Structural pruning is also the most difficult because it requires in depth knowledge of the tree species, growth, and pruning cuts.

Fruit Tree Pruning: pruning a fruit tree requires knowledge of different species of trees and the best time to prune them in order to produce the most fruit.  Whether you have an ornamental or fruit producing fruit tree, I offer pruning services for them.

Elm Tree Pruning: Elm trees contribute over 40% of Edmonton’s urban forest and is one of the only places left in the world to have healthy Elm trees.  If you have an Elm Tree, consider the fact that they may only be pruned between Oct 1 – March 31 in order to prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.