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Tree Removal

As much as we love trees, sometimes they need to be removed.  This can be for various reasons including:

  • Dead or dying tree
  • Too close proximity to buildings
  • Structural damage to the tree itself
  • Doesn’t fit in with landscape goals

Tree removal can be extremely dangerous.  I am a trained ISA Certified Arborist with ample experience doing small to large, hazardous tree removals.  I will remove your tree safely and professionally.  Servicing Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Tree Removal Edmonton

Signs that your tree may need to be removed

Hazardous trees should always be considered for removal.  As a professional arborist I can assess your tree and determine the best course of action.  Here are some signs that your tree may need to be removed.

Disease: Signs of disease and infection are most identifiable by dieback in the crown, deep cracks and cavities, discoloured leaves, fungal growth such as conks on the trunk.

Stress factors: Excessive suckers at the base and trunk of the tree (known as epicormic growth) is a sign that your tree is stressed.

Pests & Insects: If you see small holes in your tree, this is an indicator that pests have infected the tree.  The species and type of pest play a large role in determining if the tree should be removed.

Structural damage to the tree: If your tree has sustained structural damage such as being hit by a vehicle, lightning, or had a large limb fail, it may be in your best interest to remove the tree.